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"Polaris has been able help Somerset Hospital in several ways:

From a project management perspective, they were able to place a very knowledgeable and seasoned project manger on-site here at Somerset to run the implementation of McKesson's Horizon patient folder /Horizon business folder.  The implementation went smooth and finished on-time and was considered a huge success.

In terms of application developement, Polaris was able to design, build and deploy an electronic signature application.  This application is used at all our points of entry for electronically capturing a patients signature on consent forms.  This application was another success in helping Somerset save both time and money.

Last but certainly not least, Polaris was able to help us migrate data out of one application into an easy searchable SQL database.  We were able save both support costs on the application and the hardware.  We are currently working with Polaris 
to perform this same process on another end-of-life application.

Overall Polaris has been a big part of our success here at Somerset Hospital.  No matter what the issue or technical resource needed, Polaris always has the answer."
Jonathan Bauer, CIO, Somerset Hospital 

 "Throughout my 39 year career as a Healthcare Senior Executive & CEO, I experienced or led over 21 updates, modifications, both minor & major & 4 installations of entirely new systems. The experience crossed the spectrum, from not so good to excellent.

The not so good ones were a result of not having the appropriate expertise as our resource on hand. In my most recent total installation experience of a very broad based complex billing, financial, operational & patient record system we utilized the 
Polaris Health Care Solutions as our chief resource for ironing out the kinks.

The reason we utilized Polaris on such a major project was that based on our previous experience in installing the upgrades & modifications with a minimum of interruption. Gary Enzweiler has assembled a first class cadre of computer experts. The folks 
at Polaris are well schooled & experienced in their specific areas of system knowledge. Many times we engaged them to successfully move us through emergency situations with our IT systems.

In today’s world of ever changing IT systems, the folks at Polaris would be my number 1 choice to assist any organization with their IT challenges."
Andrew J. Riddell, Former CEO, Clinton Memorial Hospital  


 I have discovered an outside consulting company that has been able to fix bugs in my EHR and PMS  that my own vendor could not fix... I am very excited to work with them, and wanted to help anyone else out there that is frustrated.  They do not work on every software, but they do know several of them.

If you are interested send me an email directly and I can tell you if they can help you. 

One problem we have had for years was that our electronic signature page followed the office visit by 2 blank pages.  Everyone threw out the blank pages and the signatures then called me to say "where are the signatures"?  My vendor worked unsuccessfully to solve that problem for 2 years. In 1 hour this consultant fixed the problem....

I am now having them rework our patient portal which is so sterile in its present content it has little to no attraction to my patients.
Donna Weekes Juell, RN, MBA, CMPE, Past President NV MGMA
Practice Administrator, Premiere Surgical Specialists